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This is what people are saying about their Sunset Beach Salt Room experience

Oasis is a true OASIS in this crazy world. I am getting healed there and the peace is pervasive. 

I am so glad I discovered you in a Groupon. Thank you for everything!Beverly and David are wonderful. We experienced the salt room for the first time while vacationing in Charleston. It was such a treat. Beverly explained the experience thoroughly than initiated the treatment. The experience was just as she explained . I will be returning. They offers a lot of wonderful alternative health treatments in the center. Additionally the environment is very relaxing and serene........

Will definitely be back for the salt room again and to try other services!....

Great girls group trip Loved the relaxing environment and the friendly staff. Scheduling was so easy!

Healing Oasis lives up to its name! I highly recommend visiting this place for your relaxation, recovering, and/or healing needs. The infrared sauna is lovely and Beverly is absolutely wonderful and is experienced in a variety of different styles of body work and healing modalities.