Su​nset Beach Breath Room

At Healing Oasis of ​West Ashley

772 Saint Andrews Blvd

Charleston, SC 29407

Sunset Beach 

Breath Room

Also known as Dry Salt Therapy

NOW AVAILABLE at Healing Oasis of West Ashley


We have installed a Germ Guarding Air Purifier into the Sunset Beach Salt Room. The system has a UVC Light Sanitizer to eliminate germs and viruses. 


 ENDS  August 31, 2020


We are limiting the number of persons in the salt room to 2 persons during this social distancing time. The only exception is a  family or friends group; please call for special arrangements.  We have sanitizer at the door, as well as we continuously sanitize through out the day. 

 Halo-Therapy, A Natural Detoxification

Halo-Therapy....... A Natural Detoxification

Salt has been around since the beginning of time and has been used throughout history in all sorts of ways.  Salt has also been utilized in various therapeutic, healing and medicinal ways including saline solutions, nebulizers, skin scrubs, salt baths, etc… It is called Dry Salt Therapy and is also known as Halo Therapy.  Today, Halo Therapy is being provided throughout Europe, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada the United States as a natural alternative and complimentary way of improving general wellness, respiratory issues, skin conditions, detoxification, athletic performance and more.

There are specific facilities and businesses located around the world that are solely focused on providing dry salt therapy. They are often referred to salt rooms, salt caves, salt grottos, and other names; and now in your area at Sunset Beach Breath Room located within Healing Oasis, LLC, Charleston, SC.​


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Get Salty, single person experience


  Get Salty For Two            $35




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Four Get Salty Experiences Package 

(one person usage only) 


   Pack The Room

 Reserve the full room for a   relaxing experience, FOUR   SEATS. Great for friends and   family fun. 



Two Great Get Salty Memberships Available